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Gotta Knock a Little Harder
Composed and Arranged by Yoko Kanno 
Words by Tim Jensen
Vocals by Mai Yamane (5:19)

 Happiness is just a word to me
 And it might have meant a thing or two
 If I'd had known the difference
 Emptiness, a lonely parody
 And my life, another smokin' gun
 A sign of my indifference
 Always keepin' safe inside
 Where no one ever had a chance
 To penetrate or break in
 Let me tell you some have tried
 But I would slam the door so tight
  That they could never get in
  Kept my cool under a lock and key
  And I never shed a tear
  Another sign of my condition
  Fear of love or bitter vanity
  That kept me on the run
  The main events at my confession
  I kept a chain upon my door
  That would shake the shame of Cain
  Into a blind submission
  The burning ghost without a name
  Was still calling all the same
  But I just wouldn't listen
  The longer I'd call
  The further I'd crawl
  The further I'd crawl
  the harder I'd fawll
  I was crawlin' into the fire
  The more that I saw
  The further I'd fall
  The further I'd fall
  the lower I'd crawl
  I kept fallin' into the fire
  Into the fire
  Into the fire
  Suddenly it occured to me
  The reason for the run and hide
  Had totaled my existence
  Everything left on the other side
  could never be much worse than this
  But I could go the distance
  I face the door and all my shame
  Tearin' off each piece of chain
  Until they all were broken
  But no matter how I tried
  The other side was locked up so tight
  The door it wouldn't open
  Give it all that I got
  And started to knock
  Shouted for someone
  To open the lock
  I just gotta get through the door
  And the more that I knocked
  The hotter I got
  The hotter I got
  the harder I'd knock
  I just gotta break through the door
  Gotta knock a little harder
  Gotta knock a little harder
  Gotta knock a little harder
  Break through the door